The Fifth of the Five Freedoms: Freedom of Choice

For any of us to make good choices we have first to be aware of what is on offer. This
incredible world of ours is full of variety and opportunity and it is our pleasure to introduce the children to a wide variety of ideas, activities and environments.


Our staff provide a positive and exciting learning platform for the children to experiment and discover what they are good at and what they enjoy most. Children have the opportunity to take part in sports, drama, music, cookery, dance, photography, arts and crafts, and much more.


During our ‘choosing times’ which we have daily, the children are free to select a favourite from several on offer.


It is very important that we encourage children to at least try an activity before deciding
that they don’t like it as fear of the unknown can be restrictive in later life. Once a child
has displayed an interest in a topic or activity it is exciting for us to help them develop this further.

We pride ourselves at Highland Fling on providing so many different experiences and so
much choice. You will find us on the beach rock-pooling, in the forest searching for wild
garlic, in the art room making our footprints in clay, and performing plays that the children have written themselves.

Art Room 1.jpg

All children will be encouraged to be confident in giving things a try and to be confident in making their own choices. These are definitely useful life skills. We hope to inspire
hobbies that can last a lifetime or even lead to careers, and have lots of fun along the