The Fourth of the Five Freedoms: Freedom in the Natural Environment


Our planet is quite simply amazing. Listen to Sir David Attenborough speak, as we did at a recent conference, and you can hear a torrent of immense enthusiasm from this great man. His eyes still light up in wonder as he talks even though he has already dedicated an entire life to exploring our world. Our children are at the very beginning of their own voyage of

discovery and it is our privilege to be able to join them on their first expeditions.

At Highland Fling we aim to let the children be outdoors on a daily basis and to help them explore all kinds of terrain and environments. We set off on adventures on a daily basis and even our smallest people can take part. It easy to forget that the youngest ones have so much they have never seen before and they can be fascinated by the tiniest details.

They need time to watch the ants dig holes in the sand and float sticks in puddles.


The outdoors is the perfect environment to do all kinds of learning, not just Forest
Schools with its bonfires, wood whittling and foraging, but also to practice numbers or
learn new letters. Our children can often be seen counting stones or shells on the beach, or forming the letters of their names with twigs in the forest.


We aim to introduce the children to trees, plants and wildlife, and to let them experience
the season changes for themselves by being out and about in all weathers. An
abundance of fresh air and fun in the outdoors makes for happy, healthy Highland

Being connected to and feeling part of this wonderful planet of ours is a gift and a love of the outdoors gives a lifetime of enjoyment and hobbies. Our staff team includes talents in Forest Schools, outdoor arts, health and well-being, sports and games, scout leadership, and wild cooking and foraging. They are passionate about their interests and very eager to share them with all our children.

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