The Third of the Five Freedoms: Freedom in Society

As the world is populated by millions of people of all shapes, sizes and personalities, it is
important to feel confident in moving amongst them. At the same time as learning about their own selves the child has much to learn about others and how to interact rewardingly and respectfully both in group situations or one-to-one.

Discovering and celebrating our differences is a great life journey.


To equip the children as fully as possible Highland Fling provides many activities of a
cooperative nature so that the feelings of enjoyment and success are shared amongst a group. We have drama and music specialists on our team giving the children the chance to have fun and become more confident in their abilities to talk and perform in front of others. In addition to this we try to make sure the children know how to show good manners and polite and respectful behaviour as this makes being a part of the wider world so much easier.

Highland Fling plays a large role in the local community. We assist the park rangers, visit care homes for the elderly, put on dance and drama shows, and raise money for
charitable causes through various events. Our children are learning to be comfortable and sociable in a large range of situations.

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