Gender Balance at Highland Fling

Holyrood, one of Scotland's leading current affairs magazines recently published some interesting statistics. 

  • Just 6% of childcare agency workers, 4% of child day care workers and 0% of childminders in Scotland are men; and,
  • Only 8% of Primary School teaching staff are male

This is pretty shocking.

A diverse and balanced early-years workforce can help children, from all backgrounds, to visualise their futures and fulfill their educational potential. It’s important for all children to experience positive male role models, and to understand that men can be interested in education, science, nature or reading, just as much as in football!

As usual, Highland Fling bucks the trend. We have a workforce of around 22 of which 8 are male, including the manager. That's around the 36% mark.

How can we do this? We work from our ethos outwards (not just economics), and create the conditions that attract and retain the highly educated and multi-skilled group of individuals that make up our team.