Twenty Years of Highland Fling

20 years since the opening of Highland Fling. That marks a lot of years and a tremendous number of children. Some of those children have children of their own now and that's a benchmark worth considering. Imagine all the books that would be filled with the stories of their lives. That's what Highland Fling is about, what we have always been about – playing a part in the story of that little person's life. Conscious of the significance of that role, 20 years ago we created the Five Highland Fling Freedoms and they still form the heart of our childcare philosophy today. Those freedoms have influenced all that we are. They are the bedrock on which we are built.


Over the next few weeks, we will attempt to outline what makes Highland Fling different; what are the Five Freedoms, and how do they impact on the environment that we inhabit, how do they influence the staff and managers, and most importantly what do they do for the children.